Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ab Destruction of Racquel Colon

Destiny just lays on the couch backstage, still trying to regain her senses after being knocked out by Tina Lockhart, but off in the distance, she can hear someone laughing, and shouting:

"You got knocked the fuck out, bitch!"

She opens her eyes, and realizes it's Racquel Colon, enraged, Destiny gets to her feet and confronts Racquel.

"What is your problem, Racquel?" Destiny says, shoving Racquel.

"Don't shove me!"

Destiny shoves her again.

"Don't fucking shove me, bitch!"

Destiny shoves her a third time, and Racquel balls up her bare fist and swings wildly at Destiny, missing badly, Destiny stands up and delivers a vicious right hook to Racquel's stomach.

Racquel doubles over, coughing.

"Did that hurt, Racquel? Why aren't you laughing, Racquel?" Destiny syas, taking her boxing gloves off, quickly grabbing a hand full of Racquel's hair and yanking her head back.

"Now, I'm gonna knock you out, bitch!" Destiny say delivering another hard punch to Racquel's stomach.

"Stop, Destiny, I'm sorry!" Destiny says, crying, clutching her stomach.

"We agree on one thing, Racquel, you ARE sorry!" Destiny yells, shoving Racquel against the wall.

"Stop, Destiny, please, stop!"

But, Destiny doesn't stop, she balls up her bare fists and begins delivering hard shot after hard shot to Racquel's stomach, bruising her abs, and dropping her to the floor.

She throws Racquel to the floor and quickly mounts her and continues to deliver hard shot after hard shot to Racquel's stomach.

"Time for you to get knocked out, bitch!" Destiny yells, wrapping her legs around Racquel's neck.

Racquel tries to struggle free, but before too long, she passes out from the choke, once she stops struggling, Destiny lets her go, and stands over her.

"You got knocked the fuck out, bitch!" She yells, spitting on Racquel, and finally leaving, leaving Racquel laying there.

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